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Gojzerice Meindl Island Lady - visoka cipela, za lovce, planinare, outdoor...

The Meindl Island Lady MFS Active is the most awarded boot in history and has just received a Gold Medal Award at the 2009 European Outdoor Expo; voted by a panel of independent experts as the most technically advanced, correctly supportive, and proven outdoor footwear for the last 20 years. This fabulous boot is superbly comfortable and has what it takes for those who want to explore the countryside whether on or off trail.

This 100% waterproof, Gore-Tex lined boot has integrated pronation and supination zones which promote correct posture and support. The air pumping and moisture drainage system is activated by the motion of the boot when flexed. Synthetic mesh is glued to the leather upper, holding the leather in shape, wet or dry, meaning no more 'blow outs' in you boots. The 'flexi-hinge' sewn into the boots at the heel, allows for more freedom of movement for general heel and toe walking. Inside the boot MFS moldable foam lining ensures the perfect fit for every foot shape and reduces foot movement which reduces friction and blisters.  Above the Vibram Multi Grip sole is a 2cm wide rubber bumper strip (rand) which protects the leather upper at its widest point from damage from sharp rocks etc.

  • Upper Material - Sil-Nubuck Leather
  • Lining - GORE-TEX Footwear
  • Footbed - Air-Active drysole
  • Sole - Meindl Multigrip by Vibram
  • Weight approx- 700 g (size 4.5)
  • Sizes - 3.5 to 9
  • Colour - Anthracite/Bordeaux
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  • Brojevi: provjerite dostupnost broja na 01/3822-655
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  • Robne marke (brandovi) Meindl
  • Model: 294009
  • Dostupnost: Dostupno
  • 1.499,00kn
  • 1.273,94kn
  • Bez poreza: 1.019,15kn

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