FEDERAL .270 Winchester NOSLER ACCUBOND 140 gr

22,20 kn


Caliber 270 Win
Bullet Weight 140
Bullet Style Nosler AccuBond
Muzzle Velocity 2950
Ballistic Coefficient .496
Bullet Length In 1.310in. / 33.27mm
Package Quantity 20
Usage Big Game


Velocity in feet per second
MUZZLE 100 Y 200 Y 300 Y 400 Y 500 Y
2950 2760 2579 2404 2236 2075

Product Overview

Shrink long distances down to size. Nosler AccuBond rifle loads’ proven bullet design pairs a precision polymer tip with a highly concentric jacket bonded to a lead core. The result is fast expansion, moderate weight retention and lethal penetration at long range.

  • High-performance polymer tip and boat-tail design for more downrange velocity and energy
  • Concentric jacket improves long-range accuracy
  • Core bonded to a tapered jacket for fast, controlled expansion
  • Deep penetration and moderate weight retention on medium and big game