FEEDERAL .243 Winchester , NOSLER BALISTIC TIP , 55 gr – 3,6g

17,00 kn


Caliber 243 Win
Bullet Weight 55
Bullet Style Nosler Ballistic Tip
Muzzle Velocity 3850
Ballistic Coefficient .276
Bullet Length In 0.787in. / 19.98mm
Package Quantity 20
Usage Varmint


Velocity in feet per second
MUZZLE 100 Y 200 Y 300 Y 400 Y 500 Y
3850 3438 3064 2721 2402 2105

Product Overview

Long distances, stiff breezes and tough predators are no match for the Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint. The bullet’s thin jacket produces violent energy release and minimal penetration, while its boat-tail design and polymer tip produce less bullet drop and wind drift.

  • Thin jacket produces violent energy release and minimal penetration
  • Boat-tail design and color-coded polymer tip decrease bullet drop and wind drift
  • Concentric jacket results in excellent downrange accuracy
  • Perfect for all varmint and predator applications