Torba Harkila “Hampshire” lovačka

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Torba lovačka Harkila “Hampshire” (Seeland Microfaser Handschuhe ) 

The Hampshire Game Bag from Harkila is another clever piece of equipment designed by people who know and love their countrysports. Simple things make such a difference and here they have enlarged the top flap so that it can be used as a mat to sit on when having your break.

They have then designed the gamebag so that it will stay upright with the top open when rested on the ground. A simple thing but it makes it so much easier to load the bag with both hands rather than having to use one to keep the bag itself open. It comes with mesh side pockets with volume adjuster straps, has a large front mesh cooling pocket and an inside front pocket as well.

There is then a padded shoulder strap and a waist strap so the bag stays put behind your back whilst you are walking or shooting. Finally it has a removeable waterproof lining which can easily be taken out and washed off to comply with the environmental health regulations. Simple solutions to simple problems make this the ultimate user friendly game bag.

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