Velika grijana povšina ALPENHEAT Heating Element FIRE-doITyourself

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  • velika grijana površina
  • grijani uložak 200x300mm
  • može se ugraditi u bilo koji komad odjeće, jastuk, invalidska kolica…
  • može se ušiti u tkaninu (odjeću)
  • perivo do 30°C
  • material: 100% poliestersko vlakno

  • nosač baterije:
  • Li-Ion punjive baterije 7.4V / 2.2 Ah / 16.3Wh velike snage
  • 5 razina grijanja
  • vrijeme grijanja 2.5 – 7.5 sati
  • “push button” (prekidač)
  • indikator baterije
  • malen, lagan (130g) i kompaktan (55 x 80 x 25mm)
  • punjač 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • vrijeme punjenja: otprilike 4 sata

The FIRE-doITyourself heating element can be easily fitted into any type of clothing, jacket, coat and cushioning. The heating element is attached by using the Velcro strips provided or by sewing it in.
Due to the thermal fibre used for the synthetic heating cells, the element is extremely soft and flexible and therefore very comfortable to wear.
The battery controller has 5 heat levels giving comfortable warmth for 2.5 to 7.5 hours, depending on the setting used.
The FIRE-doITyourself heating element is especially recommended for people sitting in wheelchairs, as it can easily be attached directly onto the seat or to the back of the chair.
Don’t be cold, use FIRE-doITyourself heating elements!
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Dodatne informacije