Čizme Le Chameau Country XL

Čizme Le Chameau Country XL


The Country All Tracks XL is designed for the consumer wanting a quality performance, no-nonsense, tall rubber boot. This boot provides the performance, comfort, durability and craftsmanship expected of Le Chameau. With its bi-density outsole and midsole, it provides unmatched traction and comfort. 

This is Le Chameau's everyday, all-purpose men's rubber boot. The  lightweight, multi-purpose design is engineered to perform well in all conditions and terrain. The Cross rubber sole is designed to securely grip a wide range of surfaces.

• Le Chameau Tartan Anti-Microbial Textile Lining
• Reinforced Rubber Upper 
• Bi-Density Midsole
• Shank Reinforcement
• Handcrafted with our Proprietary Blend of Natural Rubber
• 1.25” Heel, 16.5” Shaft, 16.5” Circumference in U.S. Men’s Size 9

XL Calf Size

The Country All Tracks XL features a larger calf size than standard rubber boots. This allows fitting of a larger calf  size more comfortably.

Le Chameau Tartan Anti-microbial Textile Lining

This Le Chameau boot features the Tartan Anti-Microbial Textile Lining. The blend of 50% acrylic and 50% cotton fiber in this jersey lining inhibits the growth of mold and mildew naturally. With properties similar to the natural rubber, this tartan pattern lining is ideal for all season comfort, and provides a stylish accent while warding off bacteria and other odor causing organisms.

Rear Reinforced Upper

Le Chameau Country All Tracks features reinforced rubber at the shin, heel and entire back length of the boot shaft. This creates more stability, support and accounts for a longer lasting boot upper.

Finished Leather Upper

A sewn leather edging creates a finished look on all Le Chameau Country All Tracks rubber boots.

Cross Design Rubber Sole

The Country All Track XL features our Cross outsole. This sole is comprised of a dual rubber compound that provides added comfort next to the foot and superior traction on a variety of surfaces.

Proprietary Natural Rubber

Le Chameau rubber boots are assembled by hand with all Natural Rubber and the highest quality materials. The Hevea Tree is the source of the natural rubber used by Le Chameau.

Natural Rubber provides superior resilience and elasticity compared to synthetic rubber, resulting in a more comfortable fit. Besides forming an excellent barrier to water, natural rubber offers a high resistance to wear, cutting, cracking and tearing. These properties are maintained in extreme or cold, making all Le Chameau boots suitable for all 4 seasons.

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  • Robne marke (brandovi) Le Chameau
  • Model: BCB1747
  • Dostupnost: Dostupno
  • 920,00kn
  • Bez poreza: 736,00kn

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