Zeiss Victory Z-Point

Zeiss Victory Z-Point

Optički ciljnik Zeiss Victory Z-Point

Zeiss is plainly among the very best brands in sport optics. They make only premium products meant to endure more than anything else that you will encounter in the real world, and they do so with a diverse selection of offerings to match most uses.

Euro Optics is proud to represent their fine line of scopes for sports and hunting, for it seems that no user is disappointed with a purchase of a Zeiss optical product.

As is the case with their binoculars and spotting scopes, Zeiss makes a product that is just awesomely bright, and even when compared with the alternatives in the superlative 'best of the best' realm that incredible brightness shines through.

The Z-Point riflescope is intended as a unmagnified 'floating' sight for shorter range shooting, made as a glass-fiber reinforced material with an integrated tubing of aluminum. The sight itself corresponds to an area of just 3.6" at 100 yards, and there is no parallax at 109 yards.

Key Features

• Waterproof, fogproof O-ring sealed body
• Dual battery/solar powered sight illumination preserves battery life
• Sight dot stays centered throughout elevation & windage adjustments
• Sight illumination stays equally bright even when viewed at an angle
MPN: 521766
  • Weight:5.67oz
  • Dimensions:2.5 x 1.4 x 1.75


Illuminated reticle automatically responds to existing lighting conditions so luminosity is always optimized. Even when viewed at an angle, the brightness and sharpness of the red dot remain constant and clearly visible.

Spring clamp easily clips onto Weaver and Picatinny rails for quick mounting.

The hybrid energy supply comes from two sources: solar during the day and battery power at night or in low light situations. Automatic shut-off after four hours prevents unwanted battery drain.

The Z-Point is recoil and waterproof and is resistant to impact and vibration. Compact design gives it a low profile that won’t add weight to your weapon.

High-grade aluminum alloy housing is waterproof, nitrogen filled to prevent fogging, and can withstand calibers with the most abusive recoil.


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    Loše           Dobro
  • Robne marke (brandovi) Zeiss
  • Model: 521766-111
  • Dostupnost: Dostupno
  • 4.600,00kn
  • Bez poreza: 3.680,00kn

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